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Q - Does the club have a constitution?

A - Yes, you can download a copy from the Members Only page. It is part of the Club Handbook which also contains details regarding other information pertinent to club members.

Q - I want to learn about the controls on my camera. Does the club provide training?

A - The club does not provide any formal training at this time. However, the committee is presently planning to run a half-day general photography course, including information on camera settings, and hopes to announce a date in the near future. Members will be able to attend free of charge, but non-members will be charged a $30 fee.

In the meantime, you can find a number of experienced members who are happy to share their expertise - give the committee your questions in writing and they can refer you to someone who is able to assist. Plus, remember to look out for our monthly speakers whose up-to-date advice will keep you ahead in your craft.

Q - How do I join the club's private Facebook page?

A - You will first need a Facebook account, then go to our public Facebook page and click on the Join Group button to send a request to the committee person in charge of Admin to verify that you are a member. The process usually takes less than 24 hours, after which you are free to post photos, links or communicate with other members.

Q - I want to offer a suggestion. Who do I tell?

A - All clubs thrive on input from members and ours is no different. Make yourself known to any of the committee members and they will pass on your suggestions to an appropriate party; if you can't make it to a meeting, feel free to use the suggestion box below.