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Competitions - Details

What they are

Every month the WBCC holds an internal photography competition which all financial members are eligible to enter.
There is no obligation to do so, but it is highly encouraged to help identify your strengths and weaknesses, obtain independent constructive critique and measure your progress.

How they work

Each member is eligible to submit two (2) print and two (2) DPI (digital images) for both the set and open subject categories per month. That allows each individual to submit up to eight (8) entries per month for judging.

Judging is conducted by an independent judge who is not a member of the WBCC. They will mark images based on adherence to the theme of the month’s set subject, composition, technical ability, artistic merit etc. The Judge will mark all images in advance and will provide feedback and announce the mark at the Comp meeting which occurs on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Images are submitted the month before at the Comp meeting. Late entries will not be accepted so you should make alternative arrangements to have another Club member bring your print images should you not be able to attend that night. Alternatively you should contact the Competition Director in advance to enquire about alternative methods of submission. DPI entries can also be emailed directly to the Competition Director on or prior to the day of the meeting when they are due for submission.

Each month there is a set subject (e.g. people, places, scapes, nature etc) as well as an open subject (in which members can submit any images they wish). Some subjects have strict rules about the use of photoshop etc so it is recommended that members consider the definitions which are provided with those subjects.

Further information about the competitions, including details of image size requirements, display and labeling requirements etc can be found here; labels for print entries can be downloaded in both Word (link) and PDF format (link).