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Who we are

We like to think we are a very friendly bunch and make it a point to look out for our new attendees so we would love to have you join us. If you are interested in learning more about our Club we recommend coming along to some of meetings on a casual basis to see if our Club will fulfill your needs. Then if you enjoy it (and we hope you will) you can take out a full membership.

What we offer

Although we don’t offer structured beginners tuition our Club members range in age and experience levels and are all very welcoming and enthusiastic about photography. So if you have any specific questions there is generally someone in our club who can provide you with an answer. There is also usually someone who can provide a recommendation of some education materials whether it is a training course/workshop/seminar they have heard about or tried themselves or reading materials they found helpful.

When we meet

We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Philatelic Hall on the corner of West Avenue and Coolcrest Street in Wynnum from 7:30pm. The second Tuesday of the month is a “prac” night where we have a presentation on a particular topic or do a practical exercise (such as an outing or task).

The fourth Tuesday is a competition night where an expert outside judge assesses all the competition entries and provides feedback to each submitter. This will assist you to learn not only what judges look for but gain useful insight into other important skills, such as post-processing and photo composition.

Apart from the annual membership fee we also ask for a door donation at each meeting of $3.00. This assists the club to offset some of our running expenses.

Meeting/ Activities Schedule - 2018

Tuesday, April 10th

Lisa Kurtz will present to the club on the theme of 'Repeating Shapes' photography.
Her illustrations below showcase the theme in a number of different ways: repetition of an element, a colour, a line, a shape, repetition as subject or as compositional weight. It can be subtle and nuanced; found or constructed. It can be imperfect.
This presentation will be an introduction to the workshop Lisa will run for ten WBCC members on April 10th; a copy of the workshop details can be downloaded HERE.

Lisa is an experienced photography tutor with a relaxed and highly personalised teaching style. She runs photography tours to Italy and her work has been featured in Australian Photography Magazine as one of Australia's Top Pro Travel Photographers; to learn more about Lista, visit her website.